Goodbye, Spring!

Let’s take a look back at spring’s very best weekend (aka, my 26th birthday — and the true start of summer).


Summer Elly Is The Best Elly

There's a positive correlation between my sunny seasonal disposition and how full my closet is.


Don’t Knock The Rock

I spent about 14 hours at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

DSC_5394 (1).jpg

From NYC To St. Augustine

I beelined from New York to Florida.


Time Of My Life (Good Riddance)

Gov Ball 2018 & more


Silver Linings

The secret to salt stains is metallics

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My Psychic Told Me To Date More

& Other ‘Inside Tips’ From The Universe

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Sorry, I Was Journaling

& Doing other things cool 23-year-olds do in NYC

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On Looking Up

& Making room for yourself


She’s baaack…

And she’s walking bridges for Shake Shack.