Silver Linings

A few weeks ago, Emma and I spent a Sunday morning exploring our second-favorite New York neighborhood — the West Village (runner-up only to our home base of the Lower East Side, of course). From fitting in with local breakfast lovers at Baker & Co. to absolutely not fitting in (and subsequently ducking out of) private ivy-covered courtyards, we definitely covered some ground.

That's ground which was (and still seems to be) covered in melty puddles from half-hearted snowbanks. It's a clear sign that spring's on its way, but it sure seems to be taking its sweet time about actually getting here (making for a harrowing exercise in patience for any New York based Floridian, particularly if you're the kind that cares about their shoes).

The silver lining to this looming footwear threat? It's a lot easier to splash through said-puddles in salt stain-camouflaging metallic boots than it is to athletically dodge them altogether. So that's exactly what I do, and as you can see, the strategy's holding up.

Once you've figured out your own game plan for battling puddles, it frees up the rest of your morning to focus on your 87-layer outfit (and that's not 87 layers because it's so *~cold~*, but 87 layers because the temperature's in constant flux. You need to be cozy enough for 35-degree lows in the morning, and breezy enough for 60-degree highs on your lunch run.) The art of the layer is definitely not lost on me.

That's why when I stumbled upon this embroidered pinafore dress in Topshop (okay, stumbled upon it after writing about it on Bustle), I knew I'd met my next spring staple style piece. Not only could I sport a long sleeve shirt and tights beneath it on chillier days, but I could wear it completely on its own once the temperatures started climbing again.

Plus, there's something sweetly nostalgic about embroidery details that makes a garment feel like it's found its way to you through some wormhole in the time-space continuum. (If this dress brings me one step closer to being the 2017 Penny Lane, I will gladly wear it until it falls apart.) And did I mention: pockets?

I could write endless love letters to all my dresses with pockets, but that's an entry for another day.

So instead, I'll finish the look off with a salute to my faux shearling coat from ASOS. When in doubt, dress for the season you wish it was, then throw on a cuddly coat and call it a day.

Wearing: ASOS coat (see similar); Talbots striped top (see similar); Topshop pinafore dress; Calvin Klein tights; Topshop boots (see similar); Verameat knife necklace

Images: Emma Cucci