Stepping Into Summer

Summer 2019 is officially here.

(Well, not officially officially because as it turns out, summer technically starts June 20th. But for everyone who knows that’s a weird rule no one follows: Welcome to summer! Nice to see you again.)

But wait! Before we send spring packing, let’s take a look back at its very best weekend (aka, my 26th birthday — and the true start of summer in my book).


First Things First

I stepped into Year 26 on the arms of some of my favorite people — Leland, Mariel, and Molly, who helped me celebrate at The Roxy. The Tribeca hotel checked all my boxes:

  1. ‘70s-ish Decor

  2. Giant Velvet Couches (obviously)

  3. Decent Bar & Restaurant

  4. Live Music!

  5. Bonus if no one bats an eye when you’re having impromptu photoshoots with your friends in the lobby, powder room, restaurant, bar, you know — just, like, the basics.

I know, I know: Did I dream this place into existence, or what? Twenty-six needed a little shimmer, so what’s better than a sparkly staycation and maybe a confetti nail or two (or ten)?


Before we checked in, Leland snuck into the room fortified with every glorious snack known to my incredibly refined palette: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Doritos, Haribo gummy bears, macarons, and most importantly: prosecco!

In between sips, we got settled into the room the same way any sophisticated adults would — by dancing from one double bed to the next, belting out ballads by Elton John, Lizzo, The Killers, and The Goo Goo Dolls.


& For The Main Event

I don’t think the joys of getting all done up for a night out (or in, in our hotel’s case) with your best friends can really be overstated.

From dinner and drinks downstairs to promo shots in the powder room for our teen drama television series (now-streaming) to live jazz at the Django, this evening crescendoed in the way the best NYC nights tend to do.

DSC_6359 (1).jpg
DSC_6356 (1).jpg

Molly and Mariel in all their golden Friday night splendor.


(One thousand hugs to Leland for bringing along her trusty camera to capture the kickoff to summer!)

DSC_6381 (1).jpg

Photos by Leland Van Alstyne.